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10+ Cat Owners Who Regret Letting Other People Look After Their Kitty


Have you ever needed someone to look after your cat while you were on vacation? Well if you love your furbaby it would be best not to leave it with these people! As you can see from this funny list, if there was a class for cat sitting, these guys would fail. But what they lack in care skills they definitely make up for in their humor!

1. “I Leave My Roommate Alone With My Cat For One Week And This Is What Happens”


2. “This Is What Happens When You Let Your Boyfriend Take The Cat To The Groomer”


3. “What My Girlfriend Does With My Cat While I’m At Work”


4. “So This Is What Happens When You Leave Your Mother And Your Cat Alone At Home”


5. “When I Left Home I Asked My Dad To Send Me Weekly Photos Of My Cat, This Is The Most Recent”



6. “I Left My Girlfriend Alone With My Cat Thomas And A Scrabble Set. They Don’t Get Along”


7. “When I’m Not Home My Boyfriend Likes To Torment Our Cat By Dressing Her Up. Today Is A Whole New Level Of Crazy”


8. “I Leave For 5 Minutes To Iron My Shirt, And I Come Back Upstairs To This And My Wife Laughing Like A Moron”