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Woman Never Gave Up Searching For Her Cat, She Couldn’t Believe It After Nearly 2 Years…


A woman never gave up hope even after almost two years of searching for her beloved cat. Yesterday she finally reunited with her best friend of 12 years.
Iris Samaniego’s cat, Diego, had gone missing since June 2015. The flame-point Siamese has been with her faithful companion for 12 years.

Diego, the indoor cat went missing after he sneaked out through the garage while Iris’ father was visiting. “I posted signs everywhere for over a year,” said Iris.

Everyone thought he was gone forever when there was no signs of Diego except Iris, who refused to give up hope.

“I was at work and in between patients, I’m a vet tech, something told me to look on animal friends of the valley website which is odd for me.”

She was searching on the site when a very familiar face showed up. “I saw his picture and left work as fast I could.”


When Iris and her sister, Crystal Sanmann, saw the cat at the shelter, they knew right away it was him.
“The moment I saw him I felt indescribable joy, I felt peace and overwhelmed because I knew he wasn’t dead. My intuition always told me he was alive,” said Iris.


Even when friends and family counseled her to let go, she never wavered and continued her search for Diego.


The two inseparable friends before Diego went missing.


“Never give up on finding your animals. This is the best Christmas present she could have received,” Crystal said.
Watch this heart warming reunion on video:

Diego is definitely grateful to be back in his loving home. “He was stressed at the shelter but once we got him he is totally back to his old self.”

Iris’ also have children who grew up with Diego. When they returned from school, they were equally surprised to see who returned.


“After almost two long years I found my 13 year old cat! I can’t tell you how much joy this has brought our family,” Iris said.

Since the day Diego went missing, she never had a thought of giving up. “I found him! The kids literally cried with joy.”

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  • tamara_bc

    This is so, so sweet! I love how the cat is hugging her back. I wonder who is happier. Nice story!

  • energy23

    Nobody would give a shit about this story if she wasn’t pretty. LOOKS MATTER.

    • Paul Smith

      Google “cat reunited with owner” and you will find LOADS of these types of stories and lots of them don’t involve a pretty owner… Looks matter but that isn’t why this story is told. People like a feel good story every now and again…

      Example A:http://www.gladstoneobserver.com.au/news/travelling-tom-cat-reunited-with-owner/3130023/

    • Rick Freemantle

      I kind of give a shit. Are you saying I’m nobody? We can’t all be
      as shallow and butthurt as you my dude.

    • Alfred Siolufres

      translation: ‘ I only came here because I think she is pretty’

    • MuffukaJones

      man take this L and sit down

    • Moakley

      anyone who has had an animal as a close friend knows exactly how this girl felt

    • Blinknone

      Now now… Don’t be jealous.

  • KaizokuOu

    I don’t know, there’s no tell if that’s actually the missing

    • Ted Brogan

      Except for the cat and the owner, you’re totally right.

    • Rick Freemantle

      You probably couldn’t pick your kids out of a line up after a week at grammas…but that’s ok. We understand they have a different
      skin tone than you and also you are Forrest Gump.

      • Fer

        The one to the left is a cheetah, the one to the right a leopard. Not even the same species 😛

        • ATrenner

          Your point?

  • Rentboy

    Asked if he was happy to be reunited with his owner the cat said, “Whatever.”
    “Go empty my turd box.”

    • Blinknone

      That sounds about right lmao

  • Dan

    I cried… holy shit, I didn’t know I could cry like that.

    This is seriously way too sweet.

  • karen halvorsen

    Sprawled across my lap,purring, is my MonsterCat. He was catnapped from home in Vermont. I searched in 3 states (VT,MA,NY) for nearly 3 years, plastering towns with posters,ads in papers. I found him in Massachusetts, he had nearly starved to death, must have escaped and tried to find his way home. Animal control got a call about him-they were going to euthanize him as he was about 3 lbs and wounded. A rescue worker took him and tried to nurse him back to health, when she felt he would live, she called to say she had a white cat that I might want to check out. Ironically, I got the message at 10PM when I got home from the town in MA where I had been searching for him. That is the town where she had him.The next day I went to see if he was mine- would you believe I wasn’t sure-he looked so bad,rusty marks on him,markings on head were different,couldn’t tell if he was all white or not. I took pictures of the top of head and compared with old photos which I faded out with computer-the dark spots matched the spots on the recovering cat. I looked at the pictures I’d taken, one was him lying down with his head held high and paws out in front like a prince….I knew it was him. I went back with my feather pillow that he loved,watched him sniff it, climb on and curl up. He looked at me and he had tears coming from his eyes. I was crying- couldn’t believe I finally found my baby boy!

    • Fencesitter

      Wow. Am so happy you found him! You were looking for three years? Amazing. Love to MonsterCat.

  • Mimi Taylor

    so many unloving negative attitudes here.

  • Daphne Procz-Shorts

    My eyes are leaking. <3

  • Sharon Wertz

    My six year old Burmese cat disappeared for two years. One day he just came home. Several weeks later, a woman driving by stopped and accused me of stealing her cat. She said she had him for two years and he got out of the house one day and disappeared. I had to dig out the photo album with pictures of him since he was a kitten to convince her that she had stolen MY cat and kept him in her house for two years. As soon as he was able to escape, he came home. This was long before microchipping was available.