What Your Kittens Are Truly Saying With Those Cute Little Stares…. | Purrtacular

What Your Kittens Are Truly Saying With Those Cute Little Stares….

Have you ever just held your kitten, they’ve given you that heart melting stare, and wondered what they’re thinking. What goes on in those little minds of theirs? So much inexperience they have in the cat world, yet so full of love to give. Some wisdom has to come out of them, right? This is what they’re thinking…

1. “Be whatever version of YOU you want to be.”


2. “You can never see the world all at once, so just open your eyes really big and take in as much as possible.”


3. “Sometimes it takes spending time in the jar to learn how to think outside of it.”


4. “The world around you is big, but that doesn’t make anything about you small.”


5. “Treat yourself on a regular basis.”


6. “They will compare you to lint and dust bunnies and hairballs. Don’t let that stop you from staying focused on YOUR goals.”


7. “Stop and think about what you’re doing right this very moment. Does it make your heart happy? IF YES, THEN KEEP DOIN’ IT.”


8. “Surround yourself with people who are confident enough to tell you that you look stupid when you look stupid.”


9. “Seek out the sunshine in life.”


10. “It’s okay to be scared of storms, as long as you believe in your strength to get through them.”