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Watch This Cat Meet 50 Dogs At A Dog Show


Watch what happens when 50 different dogs go nose to nose with Boomer.

Boomer is a Bengal and his human, who has more than 30 years as an animal trainer, has this to say: “Boomer is a (well trained) Bengal and although they are amazingly beautiful, they are not for everyone, 1st they are not lap cats & generally don’t like to be cuddled. they are extremely mischievous and a lot of time everyday has to be put in to exercise this breed. They are also escape artists and they are known to meow louder and more frequently than most breeds. It’s not fair to these cats to just stare at them all day, they will go crazy! I have a Bengal for professional purposes, after all I have over 34 years as a professional animal trainer. Many of the cat tricks or other behaviours you see in my videos I spent many hours, days, and months perfecting, don’t try this at home…Think before you buy and it’s BEST to ADOPT DON’T SHOP.”

Watch the priceless reaction of the dogs.

  • Ceci Guns

    amazing !