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Vet Clinic Is Hiring To Simply Cuddle With Cats….SOLD!


Are you looking to change your life by moving to another country? Are you tired of the usual 9-5 office job? Are you obsessed with cats? Well, there is a perfect job out there for you! There is a cat clinic in Ireland hiring people to cuddle with cats. Yes, that’s right. You get paid for cuddling with cute and adorable kitties, plus live in a gorgeous country. Life couldn’t get better!

Are you a self-proclaimed crazy cat person?


Would you like to spend all day petting and cuddling cats?


Do you have the gift of cat whispering?


If you answered yes to all of these questions, then do I have the perfect job for you. The Just Cats Veterinary Clinic & Cattery is looking for a full time “Cat Cuddler.”


Here are the actual qualifications listed in the job description:

* The ideal candidate must have gentle hands capable of petting and stroking cats for long periods of time.

* They need to be softly spoke and capable of cat whispering to calm the nerves of some of our in patients.

* An ability to understand different types of purring is a distinct added advantage in helping you secure this position with us.”

Essentially the cat cuddler is responsible for making sure that the cats are calm and comfortable during their visit.


Does that sound like the perfect job, or what? The clinic is located in Dublin, Ireland so make sure you have those passports renewed if you’re applying internationally.


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(h/t: Buzzfeed )