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This Is The Delightfulness Of Being A Chubby Cat…


Like humans, cats can’t always have the perfect body. Some are “plus size”, or “pleasantly plump”. Whatever you want to call it is fine…but to put it in terms everyone understands…some kitties are just chubby. And, as a result they may be a little lazier than your usual cat. They’re extra hungry, but still sweet, and adorable as can be. There’s just more to love, is all 🙂

1. Frank sitting on his throne

chubby-cats-01Hail King Frank, first of his name!

2. When you wanna hang with people your own size

Delightfully-Chubby-21“At least they don’t judge me sigh…”

3. When you exercise for 5 mins…

chubby-cats-03…and then you’re like screw this.

4. He’s a farm cat, named George.

chubby-cats-04George is quite majestic.

5. Fresh from the chubby cat bakery!

chubby-cats-05Nothing like bakery fresh cat loafs.

6. Laundry Cat

Delightfully-Chubby-26The patchwork coat, the smugness, the folded feeties and the chubby belly exposure….glorious!

7. Contemplating life

chubby-cats-07When you are enthralled with your own existence.

8. His little bib is so precious!

Delightfully-Chubby-22Hosico awaiting his din din.


9. Two big ol’ winter chubs

Delightfully-Chubby-23Their chub provides them great insulation.

10. Check out my belly buttons

chubby-cats-10“Go on, take them off me. I dare you.”

11. Chubby puma is taking a nap

chubby-cats-11This catloaf is an unresistable pillow you’ll want to snuggle with.

12. “I am Magnificent”

chubby-cats-12Another satisfied cat on a fence.