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The Real Life Homeward Bound…Rescue Cat Leads a Pack of 4 Dogs and 2 Ducks


A cat was saved from the brink of dying, thanks to a rescuer who came to save her just in time. Now, she not only has humans that love her, but also 6 siblings that are also rescues….4 dogs and 2 ducks.

Meet the real life homeward bound pack…starring Mia the Cat!


When Mia was found by her rescuer, she was just a very tiny kitten.

“She was rescued just an hour before she was going to be put down at one of the highest kill shelters here in Missouri,” Kasey Boggs, said Mia’s human mom. “When I first laid eyes on her I knew it was fate, she was not about to let me leave without taking her home. It’s as if she could predict her future!”

Mia became the only cat of the rescue animal group. “She is the only feline in our pack because that’s the way she likes it.”

Mia is half a ginger tabby, and half American bobtail. And, she absolutely addores her siblings and wouldn’t be anywhere without them.


Mia and her siblings are very adventurous. She grew up with dogs and identifies herself as part canine.

“She enjoys car rides, long hikes in her backpack and exploring the outdoors by climbing trees and catching grass hoppers. She also loves running streams and creeks,” Boggs said.


“When everyone is getting suited up for our adventure. She goes right to her backpack and lays on it, it’s her way of saying don’t you dare forget me,” said Boggs.

Mia is indeed the only cat in the house, but she is the leader of the pack, and is always looking out for her family…humans, dogs, and ducks alike.


The family recently welcomed two new members into their home.

“After taking in the ducklings it became very apparent to me just how unique Mia really is. Her ability to accept the ducklings as her siblings and completely ignore her natural instincts is captivating.”



“She takes care of our family. I recently found out I was pregnant and I had severe morning sickness. Mia never missed a trip to the bathroom with me as she was very concerned and compassionate to me being sick.

“She would then return right to our bed and cuddle up to my face to console me back to sleep.”


“If any of the pack members are down or feeling sick, she gravitates to them,” said Boggs. “She is the most caring being I have ever met.”

Mia keeps her siblings well groomed and prefers drinking out of the same water bowl as them. “We’ve given her her own, but she prefers to be one of the pack.”


“Most felines are pretty independent but not Mia. She takes her role as part of the pack very seriously,” Boggs added.

“There is never a time we aren’t all in the same room of the house let alone on the same couch or bed.”


Mia communicates very well. If she has something on her mind, she’ll definitely let you know. This extroverted kitty can also do the same tricks her canine siblings can.

“She talks to us, and grabs our attention to direct us towards things she feels we need to know,” said Boggs. “She is a very smart girl as she comes when her name is called.”


Mia is not allowed to go outside alone. She reacts to the word “outside” just like a dog. She hears it, and runs to the door with all her siblings and is ready for their daily adventure. But, when it’s time to get back inside, she’s always the first at the door.

She enjoys being the pack leader, including when they are out hiking or taking a walk.


“I’ve never met another cat like her,” said Boggs. “She’s the love of our lives!”


And, that folks…is the real life homeward bound pack 🙂 Share with friends!