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The Most Badass Cat Motorcycle Helmets Are Here, Made In Russia With Love


Love cats? Love to ride bikes? Well, this is the must have accessory if these are your two passions. These helmets are made by a Russian company called Nitrinos. They are high quality, will keep you safe, and will also make you look fierce with the most perfect cat ears, and face. Their average price is $495, and they come in an assortment of designs!

Created by Russian company Nitrinos, the Neko helmet’s perky fibreglass cats ears add a touch of feline style to leather-clad bikers.


And when the visor’s down, people will genuinely think you’re just a cat riding a motorbike.


They come in all kinds of different styles and can even be customized to your exact furry tastes.


Prices start at around $495, depending on the color and design of the helmet.


You can even be a big cat if you don’t think a domestic tabby is the right look for you.


And with a removable polyester lining designed with a cat’s nose and whiskers, you’ll look simply purr-fect.



They’ve been rigorously safety-tested, too: “Fibreglass ears are firmly fixed to the body of the helmet, but in case of an accident they are destroyed without any danger.”


And, the website adds, “Up to a speed of 10o km/h, the ears do not generate additional resistance.”


Okay, even if you don’t ride a motorcycle, don’t you want to ride, just to wear one of these awesome helmets?! Share with friends!

(h/t: Pulptastic )