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The 12 Moods Of Cats You Go Through On A Daily Basis

Dealing with cats can be a very mind boggling task. This is how a day starts for a cat owner….the cat wakes up at A, and in an hour goes to Z. Then goes to 1, and a few minutes later 100. Sounds tiring right? Well, you know how they say cats have nine lives? Well, they also have a thousand mood changes through each and every day. Okay, fine…not a thousand, but it sure feels like it. Here are the reasons why your cat probably drives you nuts most days of your life….

1. Vengeful


2. Confused


Uh? Who took my plate of food?

3. Confident


My hooman is proud of me!

4. Cool


Mirror mirror, on the wall, who’s the coolest of ’em all?

5. Condescending


Why did you take away my favorite pink blanket and give some random rug that doesn’t even make me warm?

6. Disgusted


The tuna fish was not good today, I want some cavier tomorrow

7. Attentive


What? A mouse? Where?!

8. Catatonic


I’m going to stay here all day and nothing can disturb me.

9. Nonchalant


Do whatever you like.. I just don’t give a damn.

10. Upset


All the other cats make fun of me

11. Fierce


This is Spartaaaaa!

12. Shocked


What? Where? How?!

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