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Now You Can Wear Cat Paws To Help Relax You…


Japanese company, Felissimo which specializes in feline themed products, has made an eye mask and foot cover set mimicking a cat’s paws.


The eye masks, make you look like you’re playing some peek-a-boo with a huge cat. They even have a pouch for you to put a cooling or heating pad inside. That way it relives eye strain.


The company also has a variety of cute foot covers that give you kitty paws.



They’re useful for many things, like pedicures.


The paws have plump padding on the bottom, to make you feel just like a cat.



You can get the eye masks and foot covers on Felissimo’s website for $9.58 each. You can buy the eye masks here, and the foot covers here; the Japanese retailer is releasing a different design for the foot covers each month.

A portion of the sales goes to rescue cats in Japan, to assist foster pet programs. Share with friends!

(h/t: Mashable )