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Meet Hosico, Real-Life Puss In Boots

“When Hosico was little, he was so terribly cute and funny that we decided to share his photos on Instagram. Little by little more and more followers became members of the Hosico fan club and now he’s loved by the whole world. Everybody seems to like the fact that he’s so gold and fluffy.

Hosico loves to play with only new toys and gets bored of them in a week. Usually, these new toys are not from a pet store, but items such as shoelaces, tree branches, paper sheets, tennis balls and so on.

Hosico is quite scared of unknown people and places. Even when something is simply put in a different place, he will get surprised. If something is not in the right place – it may be dangerous!

Hosico is very often compared with Puss in Boots from the ‘Shrek’ cartoon and also sometimes with Garfield, or even with a squirrel or a big hamster.”

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1. Cuteness overload!


2. They’re draining the tuna juice into the sink! It’s gone! It’s gone!


3. Hey, I’m walking on air. I must be a God!


4. Feeling SO lazy today


5. Why can’t I fit inside like I used to?


6. Gorgeous <3


7. I can fly but HOW


8. This is SO embarrassing 🙁


9. Nobody bother me


10. I’ll give her two more seconds, and then…


11. Those gem eyes :O


12. “Whaaadddaafff…?”

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