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Man Invents Cat Lap Bed, And Cats Are In Heaven!


This guy is a cat genius! He came up with five, brilliant and clever ideas to keep his cats happy.

Ladies and gents, the lap cat bed!


Chris Poole likes to refer to himself as a “cat servant”. He has cleverly come up with five genius craft ideas for his high maintenance kitties.

His cats, Cole and Marmalade are always pumped to see what their human dad has got in store for them. And now, he’s got 5 ideas to toy with…pun intended.

But, out of the five crafts he made, the lap cat bed stands out the most. It’s the the perfect solution for those lap-demanding kitty. Too busy to have your cat sit on you all day? No problem, lap bed to the rescue!



Right after Chris set it in a chair, it was instant. Cole hopped right to it. Before you knew it, there was a cat in the lap!



“Marmalade isn’t much of a lap cat unless we’re sat on the toilet… I’m going to put it on the toilet and see if he takes the bait,” Chris told Love Meow.

But, Chris doesn’t stop there with the lap cat bed. He also plans to add a heating mat because cats love warmth.


Besides the bed, Chris also crafted a puzzle box, self-grooming station, tree stump cat scratcher, and a cat condo made from old furniture.

This lap bed is like a free babysitter for your cats! Share with friends!