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Lucky the Persian Loves Hide and Seek Even Though He’s Not Very Good At It


Meet Lucky the Golden Chinchilla Persian cat! He may be hopeless at playing hide and seek, but his adorable face is making him an internet sensation.


He lives with Denise Luyckx, a dental hygienist in Holland, Lucky came into her life after her boyfriend tragically died in an accident. She started an Instagram account to record the numerous cute snaps of her Lucky and he has attracted a large following of fans.

Lucky has the ability to squeeze into tiny spaces and is often caught on camera in a plastic bag, a roll of carpet and a cardboard box.


Secret agent Lucky on a mission


Let’s be honest, Lucky isn’t very good at hide and seek but his adorable snaps are just to die for.


Trying to hide in the cupboard, but not doing a very good job…


Denise says: “He is very curious, I wanted to share his cute little face as he wants to sit in everything he doesn’t know or hasn’t seen before. He’s hidden once in the toilet and one time I lost him when he jumped into the closet which I didn’t see and closed it on him without realizing for a few minutes.”


“You can’t see me meow”


Just hanging out on the chandelier lamp shade…



“When i grow up, i want to be an astronaut! 🚀”


How could anyone resist this adorable face?


“Like a said… When you were at work.. a dog came inside the house… I even tried to stop him… 🐶🐾 “


Denise explains: “It’s just the two of us at home and I bought Lucky because he has the same date of birth, November 15 as my boyfriend who died in an accident in 2015. Now I don’t have to come home in a empty apartment.”


She adds: “He is very playful and nothing bothers him really.”


Video of Lucky in action:

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(h/t: We Love Cats and Kittens)