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How Snapchat is The Perfect Tool To Capture A Cat’s Silliness

Sure some people complain about social media, but when you can catch your cat during priceless moments…it’s all worth it. These people caught their cats at their worst, and most naughty moments, and they were just too good to not document. What is the funniest thing you cat has done, that you’ve been able to document on social media?

1. Mirror image! This cat was not about to be ousted from prime position on the bed by a cushion in its own likeness


2. Sweet treat! This cat doesn’t look overly happy about its resemblance to a delicacy from the bakery counter


3. Not to be outdone by his master mouse-catcher brother, this cat brought home an offering of his own


4. Grace under pressure! We can all learn something from the composure of this cat


5. Give it back! This kitten was not happy about being parted from his favorite blanket


6. Paws for thought! This pair looked as if they’d been caught after a particularly bitter fight


7. Next stop Hollywood! This superhero kitten shows off its stunt skills


8. Big tummy, no problem! This plump feline had found the perfect resting spot


9. Determined to resist all attempts to put him on a diet


10. Watcha doin’ down there? This family cat was eager to help out with the plumbing