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Hilarious Litter Box Ad That Will Have You Laughing Out Loud


When these cats discover there’s a new liter box, you just have to listen to what they are saying! – We aren’t usually fond of commercials but this one is a really good one, it’s well worth the 2 minutes! Advertisers need to take a note because we need more ads like this. We originally saw this as an advertisement and it was so good we didn’t even skip it.

The advertising agency behind this hilarious video is Humanaut and the campaign was designed to drive traffic and awareness for their PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box. We think they did a pretty darn good job of that, what do you think?

This has to be one of funniest ads we’ve seen all year, just watch the video!

If you enjoyed this cat commercial check out this one for an energy drink:

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  • what kind of kitty wants to use a box that is full of poop? I sure don’t. I’ve even had to ask my human to clean it at times.

    • silasozzie

      the poop gets hidden under the purple bit

  • catmomma13

    insane but funny..

  • bksrmgc

    Those aren’t nearly big enough for my cats. And how hard is it really to clean a litter box? Not very! And it doesn’t cost nearly what the gadget does.

    • Winter Anne McKelvie

      Well my friend when you run a rescue, self cleaning boxes are a god sent

      • MyKinKStar

        Pffft! Most rescues I’ve been familiar with are not in a position to pay what those self cleaning machines cost.

      • silasozzie

        the trays cost AU$31 EACH!!!

  • MyKinKStar

    I have room for such a ‘machine’ but seriously, most people do not and few of us have the money to put into such a thing.

  • Dr. Jim McHugh

    Mark, are you a coconspirator in the Kitty Black Turd Conspiracy? Do you think I’m a top dog in this conspiracy? Sorry man, I eat the turds or dice them, add garlic and spread the shit on loaves, on French bread, I give to the PPB.

  • silasozzie

    had one of these for a while. the trays are EXORBITANTLY expensive so I was out after a few months with three cats……