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Family Bought a Boat and Found Two Little Surprises Inside!


After purchasing a boat and traveling across several states to bring it home, a family discovered two tiny little kittens inside. The kittens were so young that they hadn’t even opened their eyes!


Meet the two little stowaways – Pistachio and Raisin!


Because the kittens were too young for the family to keep, they were brought to a foster home after the family took them into a shelter.


The these tiny little fur babies required special care with people that had experience with young kittens since they hadn’t even opened their eyes yet.



But of course the family that had found them were eager to adopt them once they were big enough! Here’s a picture of them now, much bigger and adopted by the family that found them!

Watch the video here:

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  • Bev J. Dow-French

    If they were so young, how did they survive crossing of a few states. Did you do that all in one day or did the mother go along and then jump out at the first sign of you looking into the boat? What a handsome couple of kitties and you are so lucky to have them.