Cat’s Friend Died From Cancer, So Her Humans Let Her Say “Goodbye”…Watch How She Responds | Purrtacular

Cat’s Friend Died From Cancer, So Her Humans Let Her Say “Goodbye”…Watch How She Responds


When this cat’s friend passed away from cancer, her humans let her say goodbye one last time and the video below will absolutely break your heart to pieces – Cats have true love and this video proves it to anyone who thinks otherwise.

Death is a natural part of life and letting go is never easy but saying “goodbye” is a necessary part of grieving. We almost didn’t post this, but we must face the heartbreaking reality that cats go through when their best friend passes.

This heartbreaking video proves animals have true loving bonds…Viewer discretion advised!

  • Poor furbaby, he couldn´t understand why his furriend wouldn´t wake up and cuddle up with him anymore, why she didn´t react at all, and when the human finally took his dead furriend´s body away hew´s definitely been grieving, who says animals don´t have feelings´s stupid, they actually DO have feelings, I hope and pray this poor ginger boy got over the loss of his furriend in the meantime, maybe his dead furriend “sent” him a new buddy, some abandoned kitty or so??? That would be a kind of happy ending for all, especially if the ginger boy and his furriend´ve been living together for many years….

  • Kimberley Thom

    The look on her face alone seems to say “I’m not enjoying this joke! Stop playing!” I’ve been hesitant to do the same in the past for when one of my cats died while she still had life left, one cat reacted by smacking her in the face. Someone told me it was because she smelled differently and therefore he didn’t recognize her. When I did the same for their matriarch, each cat reacted different. One sniffed and seemed to accept the truth, while the others sniffed and figured there was nothing they could do or didn’t react at all.