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Cat With Disability Is Saved From Being Euthanized By Caring Doctors


This poor little kitty was born with a crooked jaw, and as a result her face was deformed. Usually cats with this type of disability are euthanized. But, a few doctors decided to take a chance at correcting the problem. And, thankfully their risk taking was worth it. A cat that was in high risk of being euthanized was given another chance at life, and happiness. Now, the cat has recovered and has a beautiful smile. No disabilities for this kitty anymore!

Duchess the Miracle Cat was brought in to a Texas animal hospital. Most places would’ve just euthanised her


As she had a broken jaw and other complications But two vets decided that they were going to take a chance on the unlucky feline


Her chances of survival were slim, and Duchess had to have all her teeth removed


Luckily, everything went perfect and Duchess got a beautiful smile!


The best part? After seeing this smile, Crystal Tate decided to adopt her straight from the clinic!


“The day I first met Duchess, her mouth was just beginning to heal & the feeding tube had just been removed & she was very thin”


“The lowest meow caught my attention; her eyes showed so much sadness but her purrs showed so much love and hope.”


“The doctors asked me if I could give her a home a few weeks later I knew immediately we were meant to land in each other lives”


“I had never cared for a special needs kitty and she had never experienced life as a special needs kitty but we learned together


“And now she’s grown so much and I couldn’t be prouder…”


“…from a cat whose chances of survival were at 20% to a spunky little love bug who climbs on everything and loves on everyone.


“She reminds me everyday that each day is a gift and that miracles really do happen.”


From not being able to smile correctly, to smiling super bright! Share with friends!

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  • taylor_serenil

    Duchess is adorable, and as somebody who’s personally disabled and has had a few kittehs with incurable medical conditions, I’m really glad she got a mama who thinks the same.