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Cat Turns Into Treat Monster


Find out just how possessive cats can be when it comes to treats! When this 6-month-old kitten, who was usually a loving and affectionate bundle of fur, discovered a bag of cat treats in the cupboard, he turned into a possessive treat monster, not realizing that cats get ONE treat, not 200!

Women: You can have one treat! You can’t have the whole bag
Cat: I beg to differ.

“This little game of tug-o-war didn’t ruin him as some might have guessed… Jed’s issue wasn’t meanness. He had Pica due to premature birth and ate everything in sight. He outgrew the Pica long ago with nutritional supplements. Now four, Jed is – and always has been – the most snuggly love of our household and our vet can’t get enough of him. He still cuddles with his brother for nightly baths and he rubs all over the dogs as if they were mom.” – Kim Clune