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Cat Siblings Separated In Shelter Are Reunited After Their Humans Matched On Tinder


One day, two tabby cat brothers got seperated. They each got different humans, and never saw one another again… Than two single people, Cathleen Cavin and Brian Herrera matched on Tinder, and Cathleen noticed Brian’s cat in one of his pictures and truly thought that it was her cat in the picture. The cat was identical to her cat! The rest was history from there on…

These two kitty brothers, Ozzy and Butter were adopted from the same shelter, by two different people…Cathleen and Brian. Cathleen and Brian went on a first date, and of course they couldn’t stop discussing how much their cats looked alike! Cathleen even joked with Brian, that he had kidnapped her cat for his Tinder pictures.


After doing some digging, they found that these two cats were siblings! Cathleen stated about their experience,  “Not only did we have love at first sight, but we have each other’s cats’ brothers?”


When Ozzy and Butter met they were a a little hesitant at first, but soon after they got along great!


What makes the discovery even better is that before Cathleen had met Brian, she told her daughter that one day they’d find Ozzy’s brother.


Pictured above is Cavin’s daughter Cali holding Ozzy and Herrera’s daughter Ruby snuggling with Butter.


Cavin said that her daughter “…would say that Ozzy was sad because he missed his brother!”


Even their local shelter posted a story about this beautiful love story, and the special reunion of the siblings.


Here’s the highlight of the whole story, Ozzy and Butter are now living together! Their owners have moved in together. Share with friends!

(h/t: distractify)