Cat Interrupts German Weather Broadcast To Demand Cuddles! | Purrtacular

Cat Interrupts German Weather Broadcast To Demand Cuddles!


“Hey, pay attention to me! I’m more important than whatever it is you’re doing, human”!

That guy keeps it together like a pro, even when the kitty clearly wants more.

The cat wants to know when the sun is going to be coming through the front window real strong.

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  • Dave Maisey

    can i only get my weather from someone holding a cat from now on?

  • Jan Hart

    Best weather forecast ever!

  • Debbie Westbrook

    too cute

  • Daniela Del Carmen Paz Rincon

    awww que lindo <3 xD

  • Rauno

    A fur cold weather coming. The cat knew that.

  • son of kinth

    if only all politicians had to give speeches while holding cats

  • Joesma

    cats rule.

  • Julia Murphy

    That guy is amazing! Is he single?!

  • Kelly Tharp

    Too cute…gooten for ze, das weader man…!! Okay can’t speak much German and obviously can’t type it either! Guten naugen…good night.

  • Franzi

    …and the cats hopefully have a thick fur for the nights 😀

  • pmdr

    If I spoke to my cat in German, it would probably try to kill me.

  • anndeluty

    Bless his heart. He’s a cool character.

  • Jenny

    And he didn’t miss a beat – giving the weather report. So cute!!

  • Delia Morris-Zindel

    Great team, they should pair them more often.

  • Jm Grace

    The guy was a total pro! Didn’t miss a beat..