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Cat Goes To The Groomer, And Comes Back Looking Like This….


Meet Jin Jin. Jin Jin is open to new do’s, but little did he know that his next do would be a little too much. Jin Jin is a long-haired  cat, so his owner, Xie Qian Qian likes to have him shaved every once in a while to help keep him cool. It also allows the house to be less covered in cat hair. In the past, his haircut of choice has been a cute lion-style cut, leaving the fur on his head and tail mostly untouched.

A few months back Jin Jin’s owner was too busy to take him to his grooming appointment. So she entrusted a friend to drop him off at the groomer’s. But, there was some miscommunication in regards to what cut Qian wanted for Jin Jin.
Instead of his normal do, he received a cut that basically made him look like he was wearing a scary mask.

Needless to say when Qian arrived to pick Jin Jin up, she almost fell to the ground. “I was surprised the groomer would shave him like that. I can’t be blamed for it,” Qian told The Dodo. Still, she admits that she couldn’t help but smile when she saw him. Qian admits her husband wasn’t too excited about it. But, eventually he laughed about it.



Sure, it’s a pretty terrible haircut, but even Jin Jin himself didn’t seem to mind too much.
“My cat is a very tame and good cat,” said Qian.

With time and patience, Jin Jin has been able to morph back into his old self.


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(h/t: The dodo )