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Cat Goes Outside To Play And Brings Home The Most Adorable Surprise


Four years ago a pregnant cat just wandered up to her future mom’s house. Claudia Wright quickly fell in love and decided to adopt the little kitty and named her Posey.


After Posey herself gave birth, her three kittens were raised until they were old enough to be adopted into families of their own.

Posey never seemed to lose that motherly instinct.


Four years later, Posey goes outside like any other day to play. She was gone for a few hours, and when she finally came back, she had quite the surprise for Wright.

“I guess she missed having a baby around and found one,” Wright explained.

Somewhere during her travels, Posey apparently had come across Meesy, a tiny, 7-week-old kitten during her adventures outside. Posey’s maternal instincts must have kicked back in, so rather than leave the poor kitten all alone, she took her home and presented her to Wright.


“The kitten has never been seen around the neighborhood,” Wright stated. “I already verified the kitten isn’t anyone else’s. Meesy must have gotten separated from her mother and she and Posey may have just come across each other.”


Meesy, being so small and young, had to be bottle fed. Wright took care of her, and whenever Wright wasn’t holding Meesy, Posey was right there with her. She cuddled, groomed, and protected the wee one as if Meesy was one of her own.


“They love each other,” Wright stated. “They’ve completely adopted each other.”

Wright couldn’t possibly say no, and so now – Meesy too has a forever home. What a sweet story!