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Adorable Kitten Sees His Tail for the First Time


This is just so cute! Watch as this kitten sees his tail for the very first time. The adorable little Scottish Fold kitten is quite new to this world and his days are full of adventure and discovery, as well as plenty of cat napping of course!

While he’s grooming himself he spots something suspicious moving around. The fearless kitten immediately investigates and begins to roll and tumble around trying to catch this strange new object.

The way he stares at the camera when he firsts spots his tail is almost as if he is expecting the human to enlighten him on what the new play toy is. This is an absolute delight to watch!

  • Karin Buff

    hi lol that is funny i rember my male doing but my female never and we all know men are a little slow just kidding but i have had a bad day

  • silkalivedoll

    Actually, this more like a “oh, the human is watching me with the camera, I’d better do something cute and ridiculous”. XD