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A Valuable Lesson About Securely Fastening Lids


Picture this scenario….you’ve been painting your home all day. You picked a great color to go with your new wood floors. You decide you’re done painting for the day, and need a much needed relaxing break. So, you decide to go out to dinner with friends. While you’re out having a good time, your kitties decides to explore something you left on top of your kitchen counters. He/she is not too sure what it is, so he/she gets a little closer. Woops! It falls on the floor, and opens up…..it’s paint. The very paint you used all day on your walls. Now, it is oozing, spilling, and spreading all over your new wood floors. Your kitties jumps down from the counter, lands in the paint, and then walks all over the house. Now the paint is tracked all over the house. THAT is what happened in real life for an Imgur poster named “AnneGwish”. What would you do and how would you react? What a CATastrophe!


“I have deduced that Ghost (white cat below) knocked a full, closed can of paint all over new floors and her sister Shadow (gray cat)”


“I imagine cleaning up wet paint is like cleaning up blood…I kept thinking that while I was cleaning. It smeared EVERYWHERE”


Her cat must are extremely strong and determined since the paint cats were full and in the middle of the counter.



“It scrubbed up with water and more water and a putty knife…after like 5 hours”


Cats being cats…”The culprit acted all innocent and had the nerve to want loves”


Would you be able to even look at your cat, if you came home to this kind of situation?