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A Neighborhood Of Tiny Homes Built For Cats To Help Them Survive Winter

Riga, is the capital city of Latvia, and they have just done the most humane thing to help stray cats survive winter. Through a project called ‘Outdoor Cat Houses’ 80 tiny homes have been built all around the city. The houses are built up against apartment buildings, and can fit up to five cats. They are built from would, and have insulation inside. They have two exits. All houses are built by a native Latvian master, using donations made to a non-profit cat protector organization, Cat Care Community.

We wanted to build a nice structure where cats could spend the time,


And that would keep them warm and dry at night.


Providing such a shelter is a great way to keep cats safe


Аnd help make the area tidier.


We hope that this way, people around the area will think to care for and sterilize the outdoor cats.


Оver 80 houses are built all around Riga.


Donations were made to non-profit cat protector organization Cat Care Community.



Houses are set next to the apartment houses, designed for 4 or 5 cats.


Made from wood, with internal insulation, safe, sturdy, and with 2 exits.





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(h/t: Sortra )

  • Winters´re hard, the feral cats often die in the frosty nights, may God bless this big-hearted man who built these shelters for them, we need more such humans, faith in humanity restored!!!

  • Diana

    God Bless all those that help and provide for these feral cats.

  • Barbara L Johnson

    so happy they built these !!! Bless the people who did this!! THANK YOU!!!