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9 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Kids


Some people want just one kid, some want 4. Some, just want cats. Sure, they’re not human, but they fill the same gap in your heart that kids do. And, if you’re a true cat lover, you’ll see how being a cat parent, has more benefits than having kids…..9 benefits to be exact 🙂

1. My Cat Can Stay Home Alone

Cat-unrolling the toilet paper
Your kid is either too young and incompetent to be left in the house alone, or they’re old enough to start throwing parties, sneaking in girlfriends or boyfriends, or raiding the liquor cabinet. The worst I’m going to find when I come home is a shredded roll of toilet paper. And I’ve got more toilet paper.

2. My Cat Doesn’t Constantly Grow Out Of Clothes

A Cat sits in front of a vacuum with a tangled cord.
Your kid is probably growing like a weed that likes to run around and tear up any of its clothes that actually do fit. You’re struggling to find hand-me-downs and thrift store t-shirts just to make sure that kid doesn’t show up to school naked. My cat grows her own clothes. Sure, she may shed them when and where she pleases, but I only have to buy one vacuum.

3. My Cat Takes Care Of Bath Time All By Herself

Close-Up Of Cat Licking Leg

Getting kids into the tub is almost as hard as getting them out of the tub. All that splashing, soap flying everywhere, and towels flung around the room–it’s all maddening. My kitty takes care of bathing herself on her own time. A hairball or two is a small price to pay for not having to chase down a tiny, naked human.


4. Picture Day Doesn’t Suck

Modern Cat Portrait
Oh no! It’s picture day, and you have to bathe the child and find clothes that fit, all things that, as I mentioned before, are horrendously difficult chores. But you need to make sure Grandma gets the latest wallet-sized photo of your precious offspring. Well, everyday is picture day in my house, and I’m the photographer. I have yet to take a bad photo of my kitty. She’s like Beyoncé. She wakes up flawless. She goes to bed flawless.

5. I Don’t Have To Save Money For My Cat’s Education

Cat lies down near a stack of books and gives a judgemental glare.
My cat is already a genius. They’re born with more intelligence than a lot of humans I’ve met. So there’s no need to ship kitty off to college and fork over a king’s ransom only to find that when she gets out, she doesn’t have a job and is drowning in debt. My cat already has the only job she’ll ever need–looking cute.

  • D.S. Ryelle

    #7 is a lie, unless you never take your cat to the vet. 😛

  • sofia

    no 9 is a lie i always end up sleeping with them ;s