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30+ Hilarious Issues That Only Cat Owners Will Understand


If you’re a cat owner, your daily life is something out of a different planet at times. Cats like to think that the world revolves around them. They like to think that they run the show. Heck, they may even think that they’re your owners, and you are their pets. It’s a wild life, but at the end of the day, they make life pretty darn interesting.

1. The Scariest Thing In The World


2. Sleep all day, party all night


3. Look at my new present, but I’ll lay in this box you got for free instead.


4. Even If You Put Your Plants Super High


5. Poor Kitty Cat



6. Cats Are Needy, That’s For Sure


7. All This Space To Play, But I’ll stay in this box right here.


8. This is so true.


  • fizbanic

    #8, you know cats enough you know exactly why. Their whiskers are sensitive, if they try to get the food on the side of a dish their whiskers are getting bent so they feel it is unsafe.

  • Ogrrre

    Every one of these are true, except for the Random Meows one. Just as dogs have different barks for different problems, cats have different meows for different problems, like “I don’t want to go to the vet!”

    • Novelista

      Cats have 40+ different sounds, according to what I’ve read–definitely not random!