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30 Cats With The Most Unique & Beautiful Fur Patterns

Cats, the undisputed kings and queens of the internet. They have the ability to make almost anything better, and they coincidentally also make great pets and companions as well. We would like to pay tribute to these lords and ladies with some of the most interesting cat coat patterns that you’ll see online.

Cats’ forms usually don’t vary very much, but their coats are ever so colorful and diverse as their claws are sharp. There are countless different aspects of fur color, length, patterns that make them appear beautiful in their own ways. This in turn creates the beautiful and unique patterns that we love, but they can sometimes also create unexpectedly interesting designs. Hopefully you’ll love these as much as us!

1. Say hello to Señor Cat.


2. “I moustache you a question.”


3. Cat with a permanent top-hat


4. She looks like she’s wearing cat ears.


5. This kitty is always worried…


Aww whats wrong?


6. Venus, the two-faced cat.