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27 Incredibly Clever Hacks Every Cat Owner Must Know


Make no mistake. Being a cat owner is no easy task. They’re a tad more work than dogs, but one look into those squinty eyes, and tiny nose, and it’s all worth it. But, fear not. There are a number of very clever hacks to make your life, and your kitty’s life a whole lot easier! All the while, also making it more enjoyable for your fur babies 🙂

1.Wrap thin rope around the legs of end tables to create scratching posts.


2.And stack those end tables to create shelves for your cat to lounge on, and for pet supply storage.


3.Adding some dry green tea leaves to the cat litter box will help reduce unwanted odors.



4.Empty milk cartons can be used to create a kitty litter scoop.

Easily replaceable when it gets old!

5.Terrariums are a good way to keep your cats from getting into your plants or walking around with dirty paws.

Make sure they are large/heavy enough so that your cat will not be able to knock it down! Etsy has plenty.

6.Or place pinecones in potted plants, because they’re uncomfortable for your cat to step on and will keep them out.