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25+ Of The Best Examples Of Cat Logic

Oh cats, strange feline creatures that view the world in a special way that us humans don’t always understand. Sometimes it feels like we finally get it and that we may have bridged that cat-human divide and that we really understand the logic in their actions…Then your cat goes bonkers and does something completely incomprehensible. Is that pile of rocks really more comfortable than the expensive fluffy cat-bed that you just bought?

Here are some hilarious examples of people trying to decipher the impossible: Cat Logic

1. This Is My Friends Cat Eating Dinner


2. If I Fits, I Sits


3. Comfiest Spot In The House


4. You’re Doing It Wrong


5. Seriously? Cat Logic


6. Yes, This Is The Perfect Place For Me To Sit


7. Finally Found A Perfect Place To Sit


8. Cat Logic


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    Cat logic FTW