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24 Firefighters Who Risked Their Lives To Save Cats

Firefighters are true heroes, in every sense. They often go above and beyond the call of duty to help not only us but our animals as well especially when we most need them. They do this without reward or recognition, and there are no words that can describe how important these heroes really are.

In honor of these brave men and women, here is the proof of the fabulous work they do. After all, our kitties are not just pets, they’re members of our families, too! The world needs more human beings like these 24 fine people.

1. A Firefighter In Denmark Rescues A Cat From A Burning House


2. A Russian Firefighter Saving A Cat


3. A Cat Clings To The Firefighter Who Rescued Him


4. That Loving Look Of A Cat That Just Recovered


5. Firefighter Buddy Saving A Tiny Kitten


6. A Firefighter Rescues A Cat


7. The Crew Rescued A Cat That Was Barely Breathing From Under The Bed


8. Firefighter Saves Cat From Condo Fire Today. Cat Was Not Impressed