24 Cats Stuck In Overly Delicious Food Comas… | Purrtacular

24 Cats Stuck In Overly Delicious Food Comas…

You know when the food is so good, your mouth and stomach has no end. Well, that’s what happened to these furry ones. They like to eat more than the normal cat. And when it came time for digestion, it was a pretty impossible task. So serious was their food coma, they couldn’t even move a limb. Stuck in their own food joy!

1. “Of all the things that one could eat… food is the best.”


2. “Handle with care, please.”


3. “I’m just gonna take a rest on my spare tire here…”


4. “We only need a few… hours. Then we’ll be back in action!”


5. “If I didn’t clean my plate, I wouldn’t be exercising my freedom as an American.”


6. “Ah yes. I’m in my warm, happy, food place.”


7. “… more, pleez.”


8. “Don’t… don’t look at me. I’m a little soft-around-the-edges right now.”