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22 Signs That Your Cat Is The Alpha In Your Relationship

If you think that your cat is your “pet”, you may be wrong. It could be the other way around. You are your cat’s pet. Many cats have dominant personalities. But, some become piles of mush when their owners reach out to pet them. Some, on the other hand don’t really care about any petting. They’re there to run their own show. And you are just their friend on the side. So, if your relationship looks anything this, your cat is definitely the alpha in your relationship….

1. Let’s talk about cats: they lure you in with their tiny meows and promises of adorable kitten kisses.


2.But then they pretty much ignore your existence 99% of the time.


3. Except when they need something, like basic sustenance.


4. Then they’re literally all over you.


5. Do you seek their permission first before making any decisions or thoughts?


6. Always find yourself cleaning up after the dingus?


7. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it sounds like you’ve got yourself an alpha cat.


8. Alpha cats don’t do things they don’t want to do. Otherwise they end up looking like this: