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21 Of The Most Viral Cat Stories of 2017…So Far…


We are only halfway through the year, and already there are so many viral cat stories that have either made us laugh till we fall over, or have stolen our hearts completely. These are the best viral cat stories of 2017, so far. Looking forward to seeing what else the feline world will bring us in 2017.

1. Missy Pam Pam, the tiny cat with magical 👀 and a wonderful Instagram.


2. You gotta be kitten me: 3-week-old cat pulls vanishing act, only to be found sleeping in an empty tissue box.


3. Someone taught these cats to ring bells for treats. That was a HUGE mistake.


4. The time BuzzFeed surprised Emma Watson with kittens during an interview.


5. Luna, the star of a ridiculously adorable photoshoot that broke the internet.



6. A cat owner bought this tiny scratching post on Amazon without reading the fine print and hilarity ensued.


7. Paw and order: Boston’s SWAT team built a stylish kitty condo for a stray and it was the cutest thing ever.


8. Stop whatever your doing and watch this cat undo millions of years of evolutionary biology with a trust fall.


9. It’s not every day that you get invited to a wedding for cats. Even more unusual is when you read that one of the two felines being joined in matrimony is your own. 😲 😲 😲


10. Rude: This cat’s human mom spent 5 hours building a cardboard castle for him. He ghosted it after 10 minutes. #thanksbutno