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20-Year-Old Cat Is So Happy To Have A New Home That He Can’t Stop Purring


The average life span of a domesticated cat is about 15 years. If you’ve cared for many cats in your time, chances are one more of your fur babies has lived passed this age.

Meet Oswald, a 20-year-old orange tabby, that might be bit older than most kitties, but he’s still going strong! Unfortunately Oswald’s previous owners didn’t agree and surrendered the cat to a shelter without even telling them his name or a reason of why they were giving him up.

Thankfully, Oswald’s story has a wonderful happy ending, and he’s starting a new chapter in his life! Thanks to the Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary, Oswald is doing great.

A member of the Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary decided to take Oswald into her sanctuary and give him some newfound hope.
Most cats aren’t very fond of water, especially taking baths, but Oswald seemed fairly happy to finally be clean.
“This guy is a champ. He let me bathe him, and he ate all of the food I put down for him, all he wanted was some chin scratches,” Karyn, Oswald’s new mama


He might have a grumpy face, but Oswald loves people and is thrilled to be around ones who love him back!
Since arriving in his new forever home, Oswald hasn’t stopped purring once. His new mama said, “He wants you to know he loves you.”

“No matter where I am, he’s right behind me,” Karyn

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  • GMENFAN1254

    What pieces of shit would do this to a 20 year old cat.

    • Mark

      I’m not sure anything was “done” to the cat, other than giving him up to the shelter. My 20-year-old cat looked similar, as he was on the tail end of longer-term kidney disease and unable to bathe himself to the standards of a typical younger cat. My kitty got a bit smelly, and was really hard to satisfy in that condition. He lived maybe another 3-4 months, but since he expressed no pain and seemed to be happy, we let him pass away naturally.

      • Dumping a senior cat, or any cat, to the shelter´s selfish and heartless mark!!! Cats´re family members, and would you dump your own parents to a retirement home when they´re old and if you had a big house and were able to care for them??? Maybe you would…. 🙁

        • Mark

          I agree fully, its awful. But the physical condition of the cat is consistent with how a well cared for, and very loved cat would look at that age and with an illness like kidney disease.

  • Aawww what idiot dumped precious Oswald, a 20 year old senior kitty, to the shelter??? I´m really glad Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary (https://www.facebook.com/KittyAdventureRescue/?&utm_source=clc), the sanctuary that cares for a lot of senior and special needs cats, took him in and takes good care of him now, wishing him many many wonderful years there, cats can become very old with the right care, Nutmeg just crossed the bridge at the age of 28 years, Cremepuff´s even been 38 years old, one Persian mix kitty from Switzerland´s been around in a village for 32 years and had even been spayed/neutered and all grown up yet, she´s been semi-feral, but the village people cared for her and took her to the vet when something was wrong with her, Geliebte Katze (a German cat magazine) reported about her 2 or 3 years ago, when she had just crossed the rainbow bridge, and one tortie kitty´s also been 27 years old when she crossed the bridge (Tiffany Two, here a post: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3112316/World-s-oldest-cat-Tiffany-Two-dies-age-27-San-Diego-California.html), so why shouldn´t Oswald also still have some wonderpurr years ahead at the sanctuary??? 💖💖💖