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19 Kitties Who Think They’re Growing Plants

We all know how much cats love to curl up to small spaces. But, when it comes to laying in the small space of a plant, that’s wining the lottery to them. Greenery, and small space combined is a huge win to them. Some cats are tiny enough that they fit perfectly inside. They Can even stretch out and look comfortable. And, then there are those who are large and in charge, and definitely do not fit in the plant, but they make it happen no matter what. Sure they look silly, but they could care less. And it doesn’t bother us because it’s great entertainment 🙂

1. This is practically ornamental.


2. This ginger plant is sprouting.


3. What flower is this?


4. The middle one was determined.


5. This could be a statue!


6. We’ve all wanted to take a nap while gardening, right?


7. This is some really good fertiliser.


8. Why sleep in your bed when there’s a plant pot right there?


9. This pot comes with it’s own pillow!


10. What’s better than one kitten plant? Two!