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18 Things You’ll Relate To If You Have A Naughty Cat


What can we say? You can’t always luck out with a good kitty. Some people didn’t have the luck of the draw, and ended up with a kitty that may cause more headache than joy. There are very few times these particular cats get praised, and it’s easy to see why. If you have a bad kitty, than these will be all too familiar to you.

1. When you got a cat you imagined hours cuddling together, but instead your cat likes to sit across from you and give you the stink eye.


2. You’ve tried to force your cat to sit on your lap, but they are just not into it.


3. If you invade their personal space too much you will get injured.


4. Or if you dare to expose your feet, that also merits a punishment from your cat.


5. Despite hating physical contact most of the time, your cat still managed to take up your whole bed.


6. In fact the only time your cat seems to want to be close to you is usually at about 5am.



7. Other things your cat likes to do at 4am include sprinting around the whole house and randomly attacking stuff.


8. In fact your cat only seems to be awake during the hours you most want to sleep.


9. And just when you think you’ve persuaded them to stop doing one thing, they find a new way to torture you.