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18 Cats That Destroyed Christmas…


There’s no doubt that cats get excited when it comes to anything Christmas related. The bright lights, the jingles of bells, and best of all…the ultimate climbing toy for cats, the Christmas tree! But, sometimes their excitement can be a bit too much, and potentially ruin Christmas, by basically breaking the tree and related decor down. Maybe that’s where “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” got its name 🙂

1. Attack Of The Tree

5 Minutes after putting the tree up… “Help, the tree attacked me!”

2. The Wrapping Paper Thief

This cat ripped open every present on Christmas morning…. and clearly ate some of them.


3. Climbing Comes Easy To Limber Cats

Helping with the final decorations, or destroying the tree topper for good?

4. Must Eat Candy Cane!

The candy cane hunter is at it again…