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18 Cat Photographs Caught At The Perfect Time


Were these cats posing, or are they just this clever? The world may never know. But, what we do know is that, they were caught in the most perfect moments. Whatever they were doing, whoever was photo bombing them at the time, it was sheer genius. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like a really good picture of their kitties?

1. Book Shelf Lover


Look at this cat just casually chilling. If you are a cat owner, you would know how much they love to hide over bookshelves. While most of us just pretend we aren’t noticing, this cat owner decided to capture the moment. This one was trying to do some yoga before he realized what was happening.

2. How Flattered


This beautiful eyed cat seems flattered that she’s being photographed. And why wouldn’t she be? She is gorgeous! The beautiful golden fur and the dazzling eyes ought to impress anyone. She’s just glad to pose for the picture, and what an amazing capture.

3. Magic Cat


If you are someone who enjoys magic, this image is for you. This is a hilarious yet interesting capture. They make a great team, of course. It looks like cat it floating here when it was just a magic of right timing.

4. Stinky Cat


So cats are lovable and fun but this one’s not too happy with the actor on screen. The cat sensed from the expression that the man is not too happy with him and immediately turned around to walk away. Seems like the actor’s not liking the stink attack very much.

5. Scared Kitty


Everything is terrifying when you are still young. This little cat mistakenly spilled some tea. His reaction was timeless. Also note that he cleverly managed to escape the spill. Talking from an artistic angle, the photo is beautiful.

6. Pushy Grandma Kitty


You will not understand this if you do not have a grandmother who is overly obsessed about feeding you. This cat is tired of saying how full he is but his grandma just wouldn’t listen. So here, she’s forcing him to eat every last bit of the food served.

7. Super Yoga Kitty


Another yoga picture! Cats love to meditate, it seems. This one’s teaching you to stay calm, even when life throws complications at you? He is totally flaunting the sensei look where you can imagine him saying, “I’m teaching you yet another skill.”

8. Paul Bunyan Kitty


This woodcutter cat is the most hardworking cat you will see this year. He’s tired from all the work and is just relaxing for a while. He could use some rest, especially after all the wood he just chopped.


9. Butterfly Loving Kitty


This feline’s going out of his way to catch the butterfly. You really have to treasure every chance you get. His dedication and effort is evident in this capture…so much that it is a little funny. Also, he is one attractive cat.

10. Hungry Kitty


This one is the cutest. The photo shows how much he wants the delicious food his owners about to feed him. He’s probably had one spoon already and now wants more. Countless ways to convince momma, but this expression is all he needs.

11. In love


Ever mean so much in love that you do not want to separate yourself from your significant other? These two are! Their true love is evident. They are two bodies but one soul. There’s no doubt as their tails too have decided to unite and profess their love to the world.

12. Cover Kitty


This genius figured out that the cat on the cover of Meow Mix is not too different from himself. Now he’s wondering why they did not pick him for the advertising! He would be perfect, really. This is hilarious because it almost looks like it’s his head on the packet.

13. Flying Kitty


One of the biggest discoveries of the internet is that cats can really fly. This is the proof. This one has special powers that all cats would love to possess. Jokes apart, the timing for this capture was pretty cool. Who wouldn’t like a cat casually floating mid-air?

14. Alien Kitty


Ever heard of alien possessions? The moment has finally come. This feline buddy knows it’s his time to go back to his own planet. While he progresses towards the ship, his friend from Earth stares in awe. He is perhaps directing his Earth counterpart to take care of the humans that reside here.

15. Walk On Beach Kitty


A cheerful photograph of this cat strolling by the beach is definitely refreshing. What is more awesome is that this photogenic cat is doing his evening exercise. The time is right and there is nothing better than eating healthy and staying fit. This should really serve as motivation to you.

16. Possessive Kitty


So we have talked about cats who are possessed but did you know they can be possessive too. This is a perfect example of it. So steer clear of trouble and do not stare at his girl.

17. Clumsy Kitty


Oops…This one’s more on the notorious side. He was playing around the house and one thing led to another. Before he knew it he lost balance and the vase toppled over. It’s clear from his expression how worried he is about the aftermath of this action.

18. Flying Pouncing Kitty


This is a perfect capture of a surprise attack! Who’s surprised now?

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