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17 Skills Cat Owners Must Master For Survival

Having a cat is not a science, but it can be quite challenging some days. Let’s just say cats enjoy being complicated most of their days. So, in order to achieve some normalcy in your relationship with your cat, you must master a few skills. Unless you like to get dirty looks, scratches, and sleepless nights. In that case, don’t pay attention to any of these rules 🙂

1.Petting your cat in just the right place, so they don’t lash out and attack you.


2.Which means avoiding the stomach at ALL costs.


3.And knowing the difference between what is too much and just enough attention.


4.Having a one-way conversation and being completely fine with it.


5.Sneezing in the most discreet way possible so you don’t scare the living daylights out of your cat.


6.And eating your food strategically so you don’t have to share it with incoming cat paws.


7.Convincing yourself that a bite means they love you.


8.Staying verrrrryyyyy still when a cat has decided to sit on you.


9.And holding your pee for as long as you possibly can.


10.Accepting that the bathroom will probably never be a private place again.