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17 Signs That You Are Becoming A Crazy Cat Lady/Man

Do you find yourself living around your cat’s schedule, or attending to your cat like a newborn baby, even though he/she is adult age? Do you like to have your outfits match your cat’s fur? Is most of your home decor ‘cat themed’? The list goes on, but if you’ve answered yes to almost all these questions, then you my friend are converting to the “crazy cat lady/man” side 🙂 Hey, it’s all good….if it’s not hurting anyone then who cares, right?!

1. You never have to worry about wearing a jacket because you’re probably covered in a fur coat of your cat’s hair.

You also have a lint roller in every room of your house, in your car and in your purse.

2. There are dozens of different cats in the photos on your phone, most of which aren’t even your cats.

They’re perfect for posting on Instagram, or looking back on when you’re sad.

3. Several things you own have cat faces on them—from mugs to clothing items.

How else would everyone know you love cats?

4. There is a list, either in your mind or your cell phone, of future cat names.


5. This is your favorite lipstick


6. You don’t own bookshelves for books. They’re cat-holders.


7. You are intimately familiar with these signs:


8. You find yourself saying this a lot


9. You cannot leave the house without doing this to your outfit.


10 The back of your car looks like this:


11. And this is how you store your rings:


12. This is the look you get when trying to sleep in your own bed:


13. You learned how to knit so you could make this:


14. You’re A Slave To Your Cats’ Sleeping Positions


15. This Is Happening In Your Room Right Now


16. It’s Really Hard To Write A Paper (Or Do Anything For That Matter) When There Is An Endless Supply Of Cute Cat Videos On The Internet


17. You Let Your Favorite Animal Direct Your Sense Of Fashion


Ok, so what was your score? Be honest, now:) 16 out of 17? Share with friends!

( h/t: Peta2 | Buzzfeed | The Odyssey Online )