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17 Cats Who Just Can’t Hide Their Christmas Obsession

This Christmas, pay attention to your cat. You’ll start noticing a pattern for sure. And we’re not talking about just the usual playing with the ornaments. We’re talking about every waking moment, and even during their sleeping moments, they’re involved with something Christmas in your home. Their faces of amazement, and curiosity lights up every single time they see Christmas lights, garlands, tinsel, etc. Needless to say, these kitties take “Christmas Joy” to a whole new level!

1. This cat who wants to be just like Santa when he grows up.


2. This cat who didn’t know garland could look THIS majestic.


3. And this other cat who’s been waiting patiently under the tree for the past week.


4. This cat who’s desperately been trying to get some intel on Santa from Rudolph.


5. This cat who firmly believes THIS is the way to the North Pole.


6. This cat who decided to become one with the tree.


7. This cat who had zero self-control when it came to the whole “wait until Christmas morning to open gifts” thing.


8. This cat who knows being wrapped is next to godliness.


9. This cat who only hangs out with other like-minded friends.


10. This cat who is literally BEGGING for Christmas day to be here.


11. This cat who knows the closer you sit to the presents the more likely you are to get what you asked for.


12. This cat who plans to hide under the tree to try to catch a glimpse of old Saint Nick.


13. This cat who started wearing his Christmas gear in November, and hasn’t stopped since.


14. This cross-eyed kitty who isn’t sure if he’s doing this present thing right, but knows it’s the thought that counts.


15. This cat who keeps rearranging the tree ornaments “just for fun.”


16. This cat who’s getting a *little* nervous about the fact that he may have ended up on the naughty list this year.


17. And this brave cat, who is all of us just waiting for it to be December 25th already.


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