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16 Hysterical Pictures That Prove We Don’t Deserve Cats

To put it in simple terms, cats are amazing. They have got to be the funniest domestic animal in the world. They’re curiosity is innocent, sincere, and that makes them laughable to their owners. They’re level of vulnerability is always at its peak. And that mixes in with a sufficient amount of shamelessness. And then, you get a splash of quirkiness, and bam, you have an animal that comforts you, makes you giggle, makes you laugh hard, makes you happy, all in one shot. Ladies and gents, cats are too good to be true, don’t you think? Let’s prove it to you….

1. OK, we need to talk about cats.


2. Because there’s no way that cats are real.


3. I mean, just look at this photo.


4. What are they even made out of??


5. There’s such diversity in facial expressions.


6. And in grumpiness.


7. I mean…c’mon!


8. They don’t do well with filters.