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16+ Hysterical Cat Snapchats That Will Have You Falling Off Your Chair


Just when you thought that Snapchat couldn’t get any better, it totally proves you wrong with these amazing cat snaps! Not only do these cats prove that there is no such thing as dull moment with a cat, but also shows how much they love the camera, and camera loves them. Perhaps they’re purposely on the naughty spectrum, because they know they’ll end up on camera 🙂 It’s obviously just a kitty publicity stunt 🙂

1. This cat is really an owl


2. “I’m just holding these for a friend…”


3. Alien invasion


4. Rock that kitty right meow!


5. Looks like its working


  • D.S. Ryelle

    “I don’t own a cat…is this how you get a cat?”

    It is when they adopt you!

  • Dray

    14. Look Its a real-life Garfield!

  • DNathan

    15 was taken by a friend of mine 😉

  • Linda Beck

    #24 Cooking with cats… exactly why I tell my cat-owning co-worker “no thanks, I’m not feeling well today” whenever she brings in homemade goodies to the office. Cats on countertops… BARF. I know what those paws have tried to bury!

    • Martin Alberter

      cats would never leave any litter-box residue on their feet, they will lick it off with their antiseptic tongues.

    • kclobo2003 .

      It’s called cleaning and sterilizing your surfaces, something you must not know about, so I wouldn’t eat anything you bring either! Wow you are something else lady.

    • kclobo2003 .

      Do you actually Think, that all cat owners and or your coworkers in particular just let their cats run around the counters when they are making food? Or any cat or animal owners for that matter? WoW.

    • Tracey Hoy

      Our cats are banned from our bench tops but I still wash them down frequently anyway with antibac. Nobody has ever had food poisoning in our house. Ever. In fact my bench tops are probably cleaner than someone without a pet lol.