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16 Gross Things All Cat Owners Secretly Do….


While some cat owners are a little ashamed to admit it, their love for their cats may go a little “too far”.  And by “too far” we mean eating out of the same bowls as your cat, bathing with your cat, brushing your hair with their brush, or even going #2 with your cat. Yep, things can get a little out of hand for cat owners. Are you a cat owner? How far have you gone?

1. Stepped on cat litter with bare feet.


Every cat owner knows their cat’s true purpose to remove as much litter from inside the tray to outside the tray.

2. Found cat litter as far away as possible from the litter tray in your house.


3. Kissed them all over their furry lil’ bodies even though they lick themselves all over.


Lick themselves with that butt tongue.

4. Felt blessed every time your cat touches you with their paw, even though they use those same paws to bury their poop.



5. Given your cat a little bit of your human food.


(Only the non-cat people think this is gross.)

6. And letting them lick your plate when you’re done.


It’s just very economical really.

7. Gone to work accidentally covered in cat hair.


The lighting is a lot brighter in your office.

8. Or just seen actual tumbleweeds of floof rolling about your house.


They seem to magically appear just after you hoover.