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16 Cats That Are Having A Bad Case of The Mondays


You know what it’s like waking up super tired on Monday morning, and literally from the moment you get out of bed, anything that can go wrong, goes wrong, and then some. Even if you’re trying not to be clumsy or fail at something, forget it….the odds are just in your favor on Mondays. And, guess what? Cats have cases of the Mondays too. They just can’t get it together either. They know our struggle with Mondays too….

1. Thirsty?

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, it looks like greed soaked it.

2. A Bit Smushed

It must have seemed like a good place to be at the time…

3. Window Cat

Oh, you want to go outside? Cool. Enjoy your three inches of “outside.”

4. CVS Cat

Cat, you do not belong in that bag. Prescription drugs, overpriced snacks, and Dr. Scholl’s orthotic inserts belong in that bag. You belong on the ground, like a cat.


5. Bottled Kitten

If you’ve ever ridden the metro/subway to work, you know this feeling.

6. Cat In A Jar

Please do not refrigerate after opening.

7. Just Hanging Around

TFW your friends leave you hanging…

 8. Hosed

Do you ever just feel like you’re trapped? Like you can’t move? Like you’re being encircled by some sort of cylindrical, polymer based water-shooting device? That last part is a no? Oh. Guess that’s where this metaphor ends.