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15 Reasons Why Being A Cat Is Better Than Being A Human

If you think you have a great life. You may want to reconsider. You know who has it really good? Cats! They have the life! They have no worries, complications, problems, bills….they just go on every day, and have a good day. No surprises. Just waking up every day, and knowing that today is going to be a damn good day, guaranteed!

1. There is no social pressure to feign interest.


2. And nobody judges you for spending the day in full lounge mode.


3. Come to think of it, people are slightly intimidated by you.


4. It’s also very easy to get your way when you’re a ball of fluffy cuteness.


5. Two words: Constant massages.


6. Also, when you’re feeling loving, it’s very easy to make friends.


7. And sitting on just about anyone’s lap is A-okay.


8. It’s also easy to float under the radar when you want to.