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15 Questions Your Cats Are Wondering About Consistently

Have you ever wondered what could your cat possibly be thinking about while they’re kneading another fellow cat. Or while they sit in a super awkward position on your couch. You know….basically all the things they do that make absolutely no sense at all. It’s those moments, that you as an owner have to say, “a penny for your thoughts….” And, here they are…

1. The heck?! Why are these sleeping square fish so cold?


2. Please God tell me it’s true. Did that delivery guy just bring us a new box?


3. Despite how loving I was 10 seconds ago, I hate you now. How many times do I have to tell you this?


4. I’m sorry, do you have a better idea on how to teach the dog CPR?


5. It’s okay; I’m not mad, but why are there only four people brushing me?


6. Who in their right mind would leave files in my state-of-the-art cat bunker?


7. Which pocket is your wallet in?


8.  Does the ghost — that only I can see — seem anxious to you today?