15 Cats Who Have Human Facial Expressions…Hysterical! | Purrtacular

15 Cats Who Have Human Facial Expressions…Hysterical!

If these cats were taken into Photoshop, and their eyes pasted on a human face, you would never even tell the difference. Why? Because, these cats’ eyes are very human. The same looks you use to express you emotions, are the ones these cats use. You will laugh at the similarity….

1. Perhaps he’s not quite sure of what’s being put in his cat bowl for dinner, but it definitely doesn’t look very appetizing.


2. This cat definitely wasn’t prepared for this interview. Maybe she needs a few moments to collect herself.


3. Whatever is happening off-camera, this feline is not a fan of it.


4. Nothing is more heartbreaking than the disappointment in this cat’s eyes.


5. Those toys look mighty interesting to pounce on, but the cat’s having second thoughts about getting up.


6. Even scrambled channels can reveal some of the sauciest images.


7. Getting up in the morning is one of the most difficult things to do, and we’ve all felt like this kitten at some point.


8. Plotting revenge never looked so evil.